garage door opener optionsGarage door have functioned the same way since their inception. The advent of electric motors changed the way garages would work.  Currently there are 4 types of openers available on the market.  The list goes as follows:

  1. Chain Drive
  2. Belt Drive
  3. Screw Drive
  4. Jackshaft

Each of the garage door openers is available on the market for a reason. We will cover the openers and their differences now.

Chain Driven Openers

Chain driven openers are the cheapest option available to you at the moment. They operate by a chain that moves the garage door to the open and shut position. As a result they are cheaper but louder.  It works in the same way a bicycle chain works.  The motor connects to the trolley via the chain thus causing the noise. If you don’t mind the extra sound then this opener is the right option for your garage door.

Belt Driven Openers

Belt driven openers are better than chain driven openers for the following reasons. The rubber belt is quieter than it’s metal chain counterpart. As a result you end up with a much quieter system perfect for most neighborhoods.  The downside being that rubber doesn’t last as long as metal. The belt will require replacement after some time. But you can lubricate it regularly to increase it’s longevity.

Screw Driven Openers

Unlike the belt or chain driven openers, the trolley connects via a long screw-rod located inside the track. Because there are less moving parts this opener requires less maintenance. As a result it becomes a cheaper option after the first initial charge. While not as quiet as the belt driven garage door. It is noticeably quieter than  a chain driven opener. This is more mid range between the chain and belt openers.

Jackshaft Openers

Jackshaft openers are special on many counts. Unlike the rest of the options available. Jackshaft openers mount beside the garage door.  They attach to the torsion bar where you will also find the torsion springs. The springs are the ones that help generate the necessary force to open the door. The motor simply applies force the torsion bar and the garage door will begin to move.

Apart from the special way it functions the opener is also extremely quiet. This makes it the best option available. The main drawback for this opener is currently the price. It is the most expensive but best solution for most garage doors.

If any of these openers interest you give us a call! We install all garage door openers at prices that are unbeatable!